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Sage Walk

An 11 week program utilizing neuroscience backed methods combining positive mindset practices, movement & nervous system regulation techniques to release stress and change your thinking patterns to live from your inner Sage. Get in touch with your most authentic self and explore your life's purpose with 2 Akashic Record sessions helping us identify blockages and learn details about your spirit's travels & purpose. Receive extra healing energy & support through Reiki provided during each live meeting throughout the program. Stay connected with weekly meetings, practices and a direct messaging channel. 

This program was created by combining groundbreaking methodologies to align & activate your Mind, Body & Spirit. The PQ framework & application created by Positive Intelligence™ is utilized to get control over your MIND, reducing negative thoughts while deepening your connection to self. The Movement is Medicine™ (MIM) method will get you into the present moment teaching you how to connect to your BODY and communicate with your nervous system so that you can physically reduce stress & anxiety by getting your body into a Rest & Digest state and out of a Fight or Flight response. The healing energy of Reiki is infused into each session with me to support your SPIRIT in learning these techniques, processing negative emotions or thoughts & integrating these changes into your life. Lastly we will journey to the Akashic Records to gain insights supporting your Spirit's growth & purpose.

I am really excited to offer this new program integrating all of the practices that helped me realign my life providing tools, techniques and methodologies that are simple, science backed and truly work! In less than 3 hours a week for 11 weeks you will have all of the tools and practices to gain balance in your life guided by your inner Sage & most authentic self...